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Joe Da Rosa

Posted on Aug 21, 2015 by in 2015 |

President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas

Joe Da Rosa is President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas, home of the Toyota Tundra and Tacoma Trucks.

Prior to his current position, Da Rosa was President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Baja California which was Toyota’s first manufacturing facility in Mexico.

Da Rosa previously served as General Manager (GM) at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana, where he oversaw aspects of Administration function.

As Assistant GM of Production Control Division at Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, located in Erlanger Kentucky, he was responsible for North America Production Planning and Productivity functions.

Early in his career, he worked at TABC Toyota’s First North American Manufacturing facility located in Long Beach California. At TABC he held a number of positions, including Manager of Production Control, Assistant Manager of Purchasing, Supervisor of Logistics and Group Leader in body weld.

Through his career Da Rosa has been actively involved in organizations or projects aimed at advancing Education and Environment initiatives. He is also a strong promoter of cultural exchange working with organizations on both sides of the US Mexico Border, serving as a board member of Smart Boarder Coalition, Boys and Girls Club of Mexico and Japan American Society of San Diego.

He is not only bi-national but multi-cultural as he has worked in numerous projects in other countries such as Venezuela, Argentina, United States, Mexico and Japan.

He earned a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.