Annie Grogan

Annie Grogan

Annie GroganAnnie Grogan is a Business Consultant with the Small Business De- velopment Center at UNF. In this role she provides personal con- sulting to small business owners and entrepreneurs. She is also the President and founder of The Hispanic Institute for Life and Leader- ship (The H.I.L.L.), of Northeast FL, Inc. A workforce and profes- sional development agency focused on the Latino labor force of Flor- ida’s First Coast region. The organization focuses on building and developing competitive business acumen in Latinos; assisting in em- ployment efforts of Latinos; and in helping regional companies un- derstand the value and importance of the Latino consumer and the Latino employee in future and long-term business strategies.
Annie has 20+ years of professional Human Resources experience working in top Fortune 500 compa- nies. Her Human Resources career has evenly been divided between HR Generalist roles such as HR Man- ager and HR Director overseeing multi state geographical areas; to various talent acquisition roles such as Corporate Recruiter, International Recruiter, and Enterprise Project Manager, for Diversity Recruiting Initia- tives. She has worked for global and national organizations such as Pepsi-Cola, Sallie Mae, Best Buy, Co., and Coach, Inc.
Annie serves in multiple roles with organizations throughout her community related to business and topics affecting the Latino community. She has an undergraduate degree in Secondary Education, from the Uni- versity of Puerto Rico. Annie is also an Army veteran where she served 10 years as a commissioned officer under the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corp (Logistics Management).


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