Michael Villanueva

Global Diversity & Inclusion Specialist

Michael Villanueva has been employed in corporate America for over two decades in science, technology and Human Resources. For most of his career, Michael applied his Electrical Engineering background into various design disciplines within the aerospace industry. It is here where Michael began to study and learn the impact of diversity and inclusion on the business.
Michael began his involvement with leading a diversity council, serving on the executive board of an employee resource group and eventually developing and facilitating diversity and inclusion training. Michael’s combination of research and experience evolved into his becoming a subject matter expert on Gender Transitions in the Workplace by assisting employees as they transition to their affirming gender. In this role he fosters an inclusive environment through substantive dialogue, empathy and other bridging techniques, to create an understanding between transitioning employees and their teammates.
Michael also provides direction and assistance to leaders and employees on ways to further nurture a culture of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Michael is a sought after speaker and trainer for many diversity topics including mitigating cultural differences, Asian-American and LGBT issues, and developing workplace strategies supporting diversity. Leveraging his technical background and inclusion experience, Michael formally became a Diversity and Inclusion professional several years ago and has deepened his understanding of how this specialty and traditional HR supports a company’s core functions and overall health of the workplace environment. As a student of global languages, Michael broadened his experience to include developing and deploying inclusion strategies for International customers. Michael has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a MBA. He is also SHRM-CP certified and holds several certificates pertaining to human resources.