Tiffany Edwards, CFRE

Chief Operating Officer, Karen Hoyos International’s (KHI)

Tiffany EdwardsTiffany Edwards is a social innovator, strategist, diversity, equity and inclusion thought leader, visionary and entrepreneur. She’s a strategy and literary Jedi knight—with a pc and pens as her light sabers for advocacy, technical, and operational narratives. Tiffany is Karen Hoyos International’s (KHI) Chief Operating Officer. Her experience encompasses strategic and enterprise resource planning, project management, fund development, human resources, outplacement strategy and deployment, directorships, and technology positions with organizations including the Pro Football Hall of Fame, JPMorgan Chase Bank, and Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens.

Tiffany has become a nationally recognized voice in equity, diversity, and inclusion, human resources, business strategy, and education. In 2019, she received the Most Powerful Woman in Diversity & Inclusion by the National Diversity Council, the Education Awardee for Tampa Bay Black Girls Rock, the Restorative Justice Award by the Think Make Live Organization, and the Behind the Scenes Humanitarian Award by the National Action Network. She volunteers with the National Placemaking Council, the NAACP, and Providence Serving People (PSP). She is Vice President of the Board for Pillars United and serves as a mentor for domestic violence survivors and those needing help with social or restorative justice. Her volunteer work aids bullying and ostracism survivors as well as the racially disenfranchised.

Tiffany holds BA degrees from Walsh University in Business Management and Corporate Communication and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Public Administration. She part of 2% of CFRE’s (Certified Fund Raising Executives) globally who are African American or Latinx.

Tiffany’s ascended as a catalyst for social change—shaped and driven by the challenging experiences of becoming a survivor of racial discrimination by diplomatically using her words as “the force” in exposing what’s happening in the shadows and bringing the issues to light through strategy, education, and advocacy.

Tiffany is married to her brilliant and witty husband, Jon, and together they have two precocious toddlers. Edwards enjoys gardening, sports, visual and performing arts, and cinema—particularly sci-fi and fantasy—and loves spending time with her best girlfriend, her 101-year-old grandmother.